How to Deal with Bed Bugs If You Are a Regular Traveler?

If you are regularly travelling to various places then you will have to sleep on different kinds of beds. In such case, there are chances that you may get bitten by bed bugs. Sometimes, you may mistake the biting as mosquito bite. However, if you carefully look at the red marks that develops soon after the biting of bed bugs then you will realize that it is not a mosquito bite.

Traveling is always fun, be it for business purposes, or for vacationing. One of the most common problems faced by people while traveling is the menace of bed bugs.  They can give you sleepless nights, even while sleeping on the most comfortable beds or mattresses.

They are almost like hitchhikers that move into our bags, and in between the clothes. You will be unknowingly transferring these bed bugs onto other beds during your travel. In this post, we shall look at how you can best deal with the bed bugs while traveling. Also, you might have to deal with the already existing bed bugs in the hotel rooms.

How to identify whether the place is infected by bed bugs?

As soon as you check into a hotel, you must inspect the bed very closely. If you find any live insects or blood stains, dead bugs or eggs then it must be infected by bed bugs. Bed bugs can be found in any cheap hotel or even in star hotels. What is the sign of their presence? If you notice any sweet, musty odor that is similar to soda pop syrup then the place is infected by bed bugs.

Where can you find them?

They can be hiding nearby any food source. They can easily hide in the mattresses, bed sheets, box springs, furniture, hollow bedposts, and upholstery during the daytime. Sometimes they also hide behind any picture, baseboards and also inside wallpapers if it is torn or cracked. You can check thoroughly in these places and can certainly find them. They can be present in any clean environment too.

How to deal with bed bug

You must check in your luggage before moving to any new place. Also check your entire personal item thoroughly before packing them. It is better to keep your suitcase off the floor and at some distance from the bed. Also, if you keep your luggage away from the wall then it will reduce the chance of any bed bugs travelling from wall to your luggage.

While packing your items make sure that you are not carrying another unwelcome guest along with you. Even after reaching your destination you must check thoroughly in all your belongings that there is no trace of any bed bugs in them.

On reaching home you may keep your luggage outside for some time. If any bed bugs are present then they will prefer to move outside where the temperature may be more comfortable for them. By taking the help of trained pest control professional, you can get rid of them.