5 outdoor things to do in Moab

  • Mountain biking: Moab, Utah is a world-renowned mountain biking destination! You can rent bikes in one of the 6 shops in Moab, compare pricing and see which brands and models are available and find the best deal at the most convenient shop. Although Moab is considered the Mecca for intermediate and advanced riders for riding bucket list trails like the Whole Enchilada, Mag 7 and more, the area offers a vast number of trails for beginners as well. The best beginner trail system is at Dead Horse Point state park.
  • Road biking: Moab has done a great job developing a path all along the highway that starts from town and goes almost to Arches National Park and North next to the Colorado River. There a lot more routes to choose from and enjoy a healthy way to check out some of the scenic drives.
  • Rafting: Rafting down the Colorado river, surrounded by gorgeous tall red-rock cliffs on both sides is a sight that you’ll only find in Moab. It’s as if they found water on Mars and started a rafting company. You can do a short (2-3 hours), full day or even multiple day rafting trips with Canyon Adventures in town that will plan an epic trip for you.
  • Hiking:
    • You could spend an entire season hiking in the area and still not see everything. There are so many trails in the area among between Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park that you’re going to have some analysis paralysis. Here are some of the best ones to hike if you’re limited on time:
      • Visit Arches National Park
        • Delicate Arch Hike (2-3) hours, 600 feet of climbing, moderate difficulty.
  • Landscape Arch (30 mins) hike or the Primitive Loop Hike (2-3 hours). Landscape Arch is one of the largest arches in the park and provides a spectacular view from the bottom.
  • Visit Dead Horse Point State ParkDead Horse Point State Park offers a gorgeous view of Canyonlands National Park and you can get to the overlook within just a few feet from the parking lot. The best time to visit this overlook is at Sunset.
    Note: There is a fee to enter the park, it’s around $10 and the entry pass allows entry for 3 days.

Go for a drive:

  • Highway 128: There are some truly gorgeous drives that will take you next to the river, the ones we recommend are driving up highway 128
  • Dinosaur tracks and Petroglyphs: Drive up Potash road see Petroglyphs from the side of the road and a bit further, see dinosaur footprints in a rock that is just a short hike from the parking lot.

Best times to visit Moab, UT

  • Times to avoid
    • Avoid Easter Weekend (unless you’re an off-road enthusiast). Easter is Jeep week in Moab and you’re going to have a hard time finding an affordable place to stay in Moab.
    • Summer – Although it’s a perfect destination for a summer road trip, you’re going to be relatively limited on daytime activities as the temps in this area can be extremely high. Most outdoor activities will be limited to early morning and evening. If you do decide to go, it’s great to check out some night hikes and see the night sky in this remote part of the country, you’re going to surprise yourself!
  • Best times to visit:
    • Spring and Fall are the best times of the year
      • Spring is a great time to visit as the weather is perfect and the town is booming.
      • Fall is best if you’re planning to ride the Whole Enchilada Mountain bike trail, a world famous 34.1 mountain bike ride that starts in the La Sal Mountains and ends up down at the Colorado River with almost 8000’ of downhill riding.