How to choose the best camping lantern

Before purchasing any outdoor equipment, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. How long before the equipment becomes obsolete? How often are you going to replace the equipment? This can be due to radical changes that the manufacturers come up with. Or it can be due to damages on the lantern. When it comes to lanterns, choose the lamp that you can afford based on the use of the camping lantern. There are gas, battery, and candle lanterns available.

Here are a few things to consider:

Room available

Ask yourself if there is enough room to carry the lantern. There should be enough room to carry the lantern in your backpack and also make sure you can manage the extra weight for the lamp and batteries.

Noise level

Gas lanterns are a bit noisier than its counterparts. If you are going camping, choose the same lantern as your stove. If you are using a gas lantern, select the stove that is going to use the same type of gas.


While camping, the only safe choice inside the tent is a battery lantern. The candle and gas lanterns are hot and have a risk of fire. If by any chance you sleep and leave the gas or the candle lantern burning, there is a risk of the lantern dropping and the tent might catch fire. For the battery lantern, it will only drain your battery, but there is no risk of fire.


If you are planning to go hiking at some extreme temperatures, different lanterns might serve you well while others might fail. For example, battery lanterns don’t respond well in cold or freezing conditions.


The brightest and intensive of all are gas lanterns. The gas lantern is also adjustable by the flame increasing or reducing the amount of light. Important thing to note is that gas lanterns last longer than candle lanterns. Battery lanterns are also adjustable and have more focused light.

The type of lantern you choose for your hiking will have an impact on the experience you have, so be wise and choose the best for the best experience.

Always ensure you have the best company, remember you want to make your camping experience a memorable one. Choose your camp site very carefully. As you are packing your camping essentials, don’t forget to include the personal items; you‘ll need them at some point.