Must Visit Central Atolls of the Maldives

Running in the most popular area for divers in the Indian Ocean, Liveaboard diving vacation in the Maldives offer the best diving experience when discovering popular itineraries.

The Maldives is an Asian nation which comprises of a natural atolls. It is made up of twenty-six atolls which are natural. Some of these atolls have their shape like islands. Also, some of the islands have isolated reefs, which could be seen as the formation of even smaller atolls. The entire land or soil on the surface of the Maldives is of coral origin. The Maldivian atolls come in a regular reoccurring pattern or chain. This is especially in the structure of the atolls of the north and central area. Between some atolls, there are wide and deep channels.

The central area or region of the Maldives include the Male and Faafu Atoll, the Ari Atoll, the Felidhoo, and the smallest of the atolls which are the Rasdhoo. When on a liveaboard in the Maldives you have an exceptional opportunity to dive into the beautiful coral reefs, while diving into the current swept channels are rewarded with the opportunity of meeting great pelagic.

What Central Atolls have to offer

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North Male Atoll: this atoll is known for its pinnacles which are exceptionally beautiful.

South Male Atoll: the southern atoll is known for its Eagle rays, here, you will find reef sharks and some other pelagics.

Vaavu Atoll: It has got some beautiful canals/channels with full of soft magical corals with many pelagic pleasures. You’d experience an action packed night dives in contact with nurse sharks and many others.

Meemu Atoll: This atoll has some magnificent pelagic channel action, the gray reef sharks, eagle rays, and soft corals of unimaginable beauty. It also includes a manta cleaning station.

Thaa Atoll: Here you will be lucky to meet face to face with Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, joyful dolphins.

Laamu Atoll: it has got many beautiful channels which are full of fish. You’d have amazing encounters with big sharks.

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Diving Seasons in the Maldives

The recommended months for departures for Maldives Liveaboards are between the months of December to March. This is considered as a high season with the greatest visibility and conditions for diving. However, this shouldn’t stop you to come to dive in the Maldives throughout the whole year.

The monsoon in the northeast which is also known as the northeast wind is felt from late December to May. At that time of year, there are clear blue skies, and because of the lack of wind, the seas are relatively calm. The view on the eastern side of the atoll is quite good. It impressively lies between 20-30+m and 15-20m due to the west. However the eastern Atolls have the best visibility even during this period, and there is an amazing overall visibility from December to March. The reason behind this is because the water currents and waves through the atolls flow through the channels from the eastern to western regions.


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