Starfish Jolly Beach Resort – Resort and Area Tips

Antigua is a place filled with tropical flora and a paradise for tourists to spend a quality time. A stay cannot be compromised at a place like this, isn’t it? Starfish Jolly Beach resort does justice to the beautiful land of Antigua by offering almost everything that you would be looking for. Spread over an area of about forty acres, this resort is one of the largest in the whole of Antigua which boasts a total of 464 rooms to check in and offers a variety of choices to the tourists. Ranging from simple crashers to families and special suites for honeymoon celebrating couples, they have it all. It is not just the resort’s infrastructure but the way it has been set up strikes all the right chords for anyone who is on a holiday. The white sand beaches along with tropical flora which is both enhanced by natural cool breezes at all times of the day make it even more special.

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Food & Dining

The resort houses multiple cuisine restaurants and cafes which run in-house. It is difficult for anyone to not find something suitable to have at any time. Start off your day with a breakfast buffet at the Hemispheres which serves amazing pancakes and omelettes of your choice. For all the caffeine and tea lovers, the courtyard would serve the better of them both. Along with this Bocciolo, the Italian cuisine restaurant, Lydia’s seafood house and Margarita’s Mexican kitchen make up for all the people who want to quench their hunger for the best. The tourists often praise the beach grills for their taste and natural ambience.


The rooms are either sea facing or have a great view of the resort garden from the balconies. These are pre-bookable so you do not have to worry about having to wait in a queue to get your bookings done. Needless to say, all the premium and non-premium rooms are equipped with a satellite TV, hairdryer, air conditioning facilities, telephone and other common appliances that you would need for your stay. They offer a variety in their room selection which matched budgets of all kind and also favours purposes for different tourists as well. One thing that is often being talked about the resort is the Beach Cottages that they have set up on the white sand beaches. These cottages are perfect for honeymooners and couples who want to spend a quality holiday time. These cottages are also fitted with all the basic amenities and are fully air-conditioned for the boarders.

Things to Do

Apart from amazing stays and the amazing restaurants in-house, the nearby areas are amazing too. Although Antigua is not a large place, there are a lot of things you can try out. Since the resort is located at one of the finest beaches, you would not fancy visiting similar ones. In that case, the blockhouse would be a nice place to explore. You can also check out Fort Berkeley and click amazing pictures. Monk’s hill is also nearby and can be visited easily from the resort. Most of the places in Antigua are not far away from each other so you can cover more places in a day. You can also add visiting Dow’s Hill Interpretation centre and Heavenly Hill Art gallery to your list. You can also try out some Kayaking and snorkelling along with other generic sports nearby. All the water sports and general sports can be availed from the resort itself.

Make your holiday memorable with Starfish Jolly Beach Resort, make it worthwhile with all the natural beauty of Antigua and the luxury of your stay.