How Will A Person Be Taxed When They Leave UK?

Tax laws are different in UK for resident and non-resident individuals. When a person leaves UK after staying and working in the country, then they have to inform to HM Revenue & Customs department. It can get complicated to file a tax return in UK when you depart UK after having worked there for some time. Studying UK tax laws is vital to gain adequate knowledge to file tax returns appropriately and legally and explore chances of obtaining refund.

List of common questions that are asked before filing a tax return?

Any person who departs from UK after living and working in this country should find these questions relevant to be asked.

  • In what ways will I be taxed at the time of departure?
  • What will happen if a person fails to complete a tax return?
  • Is there any possibility to receive a tax refund?
  • What will be the case if I have not failed once from filing a tax return?
  • What to do if I am being warned about tax refund firms?
  • In what ways does National Insurance process my tax application if I leave the country?

How does UK government deal with tax cases of resident and non-resident individuals?

UK law considers a person to be either a “tax resident” or a “non-tax resident” for an entire tax year. It is also possible to divide the tax year into two parts i.e., UK part and an overseas part. This division applies when a person has been a resident for a few months in the UK in that year. With this division, it becomes efficient to treat the tax cases of people who were non-resident for the time after they left UK.

This split rule is helpful for migrants who have lived and worked in the UK. It implies that when they depart from the country, they will only be taxed for the amount that they have been earning in the UK or have an existing income source in UK.

What should be the course of action when one fails to file tax returns every year?

In case when you don’t complete a self-assessment tax return, then you must complete form “P85”. This form is available on the UK government website. If you have been working in the UK, then you need to send part 2 and 3 of “form P45” that you receive from last employer. It has to be sent to HMRC along with form P85.

Is there any possibility to receive a tax refund?

People who have been charged more tax, HMRC will send them tax refund amount that they owe at the time of processing of the form P85. You can even take assistance of certified accountants for leaving UK tax back service.


A proper understanding of the tax laws in different scenarios will help you learn the right procedure to file a tax return and possibilities of receiving a tax refund. Hiring a specialized accounting professional will help you get through this procedure easily.