Do Not Leave Williamsburg Without Doing These Things

If you are ever planning a visit to Williamsburg in Virginia, I will be sharing some of the things that you should do while you are there. While we may have different personal preferences, these activities will surely make your visit epic!

Haunted Ghost Tour

When the sun sets, it is not only the dining and drinking scene that gets alive in the city. Those who are looking for something unique should try Colonial Williamsburg ghost tours by Colonial Ghosts. They specialize in creating haunted tours that will take its guests to some of the creepy places in the city. Aside from cemeteries, you might also visit old hospitals and jails, depending on the ghost tour that you will book.

With the Colonial Ghost Tour, you will also have the chance to talk to the ghosts that you will encounter.

Ride a Carriage

Feeling exhausted? No energy to go for a walk? One alternative is to ride a horse-drawn carriage, which will take you for a stroll around the Historic Area. Carriages are available in different sizes that can accommodate even large groups of friends or families. Riding a carriage in Williamsburg will transport you back to the 18th-century, a time wherein it is a main mode of transportation.

Eat your Heart Out

Food plays a big part in our vacations. When in Williamsburg, you will surely not go hungry as there is an endless selection of restaurants to try. Whether it is fine or casual dining, you will have lots of places to check out. If you really want to discover more about the culinary culture of the city, book one of the tours organized by Taste Williamsburg, which is going to take you around in some of the best eateries and restaurants in the city. You will also have personal encounters with chefs to know more about their specialty dishes.

See the Blooms

If you love colorful and beautiful flowers, Williamsburg has an extensive selection of gardens that are sure to be a sight to behold. Some of the best gardens that you might want to explore include Williamsburg Botanical Garden, Busch Gardens, and Colonial National Parkway. For the best experience, be there in spring when you can see the flowers in full bloom. Strolling around the Historic Area will already be an opportunity for you to see beautiful flowers up close.

Go for a Hike

For something physical to do during your vacation, it would be best to go on a hike. The city is known for its several trails, which will cater to people of all ages and skills. There are 14 hiking trails that are available in the Williamsburg area. They vary in length, with the shortest being approximately .1 mile only. The longest, on the other hand, is about 21.9 miles.

Williamsburg is one of the gems of Virginia that you have to explore. To make the most out of your visit, be sure to try the things that have been mentioned above.