Guide to Martinique! You won’t find anything else like it!


After leaving the hustle and bustle of busy city life and land after your flight to the Caribbean you will instantly start relaxing surround by this beautiful abyss. Exuding with a uniquely combined French flair coupled with the Eastern Caribbean warmth amidst the commanding presence of Mount Pelee, Martinique has an inimitable charm that has kept tourists flocking to this island paradise. The destruction of the city of St. Pierre brought to life a landscape that makes the nation a perfect mix of lush forests and mountains as well charming and inviting black sand beaches. The mild tropical climate ensures that the heat is never excessive all throughout the year making the whole island an oversized garden of mangroves and numerous species of flora and fauna. The local multiethnic vibe and divine Creole cuisine adds to the excitement to the Martinique activities.


The Martinique beaches of the north enchant with its one-of-a-kind black sand stretches due to its volcanic origin. Equally enchanting are the shores of the south with luminous white sands. Despite what seemed like extreme contrast in landscape, beach fun in Martinique never goes out of fashion. Anse Dufour boasts of offering an incredible plunge amidst a not-so-crowded beachfront. Grand Anse d’Arlet is popular even for locals because of the calm beaches perfect even for non-swimmers. For a solitary time away from the noise of the crowd, the popular choice is Anse Mabouyas and Cap Chevalier on the Atlantic coast is ideal for meditation or romantic getaway via snorkelling or scuba diving the popular sea beds. On the other hand, Plage des Salines in the south is perfect for a family picnic amidst the sun. Diamond Rock is the famous jump off point for scuba diving and ranks as tourism highlight.


Things to Do

Aside from what seems like endless possibilities in the sea especially in the south, the land surrounding the Martinique resorts are equally enthralling with its bevvy of attractions. The towns to the north offer an adventure amidst natural and lush vegetation perfect for cycling, hiking and camping. Specifically, the Bibliothèque Schoelcher is home to over 10000 titles and is one of the oldest libraries in the Caribbean in Baroque style architecture. Another popular design by Henri Picq (a national figure) is the enchanting Cathédrale Saint-Louis in Fort-de-France. Another artistic and cultural destination is the Fort Royal now Fort Louis that has undergone over five times of rebuilding. The Monument of History and Ethnography and the Pre-Columbian shows the rich heritage of Martinique. Place de la Savane is a park that houses more than 12 acres of flowers, palms and benches.


Another highlight of any Martinique activity is shopping. The country is home to reasonably priced products ranging from French perfumes, accessories, liquor, and spices. The locally made Martinique sculptures and painting can be bought in various galleries all over the country. Les Trois Ilets and Fort de France are the main sources of jubilation for Martinique shoppers as it is home to a multitude of different products sure to tickle anybody’s fancy. Not to mention, for a taste of home, the duty-free shops in the airports are always ready to accommodate the needs of tourists.

Eating and Drinking

The location of Martinique resorts is perfect to enhance the dining and drinking experience of any tourist. Restaurants serving international to local Creole cuisine are abundant making every day a gastronomic delight. L’Essentiel in Trois Ilets is home to authentic French cuisine in an outdoor romantic setting. Lili’s Beach Bar is known for their delectable choices and home-like setting. La Cave a Vin in Fort-de-France is another French heavenly destination. Most of these restaurants serve locally made rum for an alcoholic kick to cap off lunch or dinner.

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