The Abu Dhabi Dune Bashing With Desert Safari

The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari:

Desert Safari, dune bashing, Belly dancing, BBQ dinners, camel ride etc are some common things that happen in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates. Desert safari had always been the most popular tourist attraction for Abu Dhabi. Desert safari offers the tourists with unimaginable activities. Dune bashing during the sunset is definitely the adrenaline rush that young tourists seek out here.

Description of Abu Dhabi desert Safari:

The Desert Safari at Abu Dhabi takes place at Al Khatem, located on the Al Ain Road of Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari operates on three different times in a day – morning, sunset and over night. The tour operators pick you up from your hotels located near the city centre of Abu Dhabi. The three slots for this tour are-

  1. The morning tour from 0900 hours to 1300 hours
  2. The evening tour from 1530 hours to 2200 hours
  3. The overnight tour from 0330 hours to 0900 of the next day.

However the timing of each tour is totally dependent on the climate of the day. The temperature in Abu Dhabi never goes down below 77 degree Fahrenheit in winter and in summer it is around 100. So the first and foremost thing to carry when you plan a desert safari is sun protection. Even if you are going during the night slot the temperature over here doesn’t drop below 50 degrees. Desert Safari is an ideal package anyone and everyone visiting Abu Dhabi. Desert Safari is the place for every traveller to be thrilled about. The common activities that happen out here are –

  1. Sand Dunes bashing: Dune bashing is nothing but the 4X4 drive through the sand dunes that will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush in the desert. This takes place both in the morning and the evening safari. Your desert safari cost changes with the time of dune bashing. You can choose to do a 25 minutes one or 45 minutes and the expensive one is for 90 minutes.
  2. Riding a Camel: The second most popular activity in the desert safari is the camel ride. Get the royal feel and enjoy the traditional dromedaries or the one hump camel ride through the dunes. This is really awesome during the time of sunset.
  3. Romance Time: Desert Safari is definitely a time for romance for honeymooners. There can be nothing more romantic than a sun setting across the desert while you sip your cocktails and enjoy a Bedouin meal.
  4. The Shisha Experience: Desert safari in Arab definitely calls for a Shisha Experience for the visitors. In Abu Dhabi, the safari always ends with a classic Bar-B-Queue Dinner along with the smokes of Shisha. Smoking the Shisha is a perfect complement with the chilly evening in the desert.
  5. The Belly dance shows: The entertainment doesn’t end in Desert Safari with simple dinner and dune bashing. Here you are given the taste of Cultural Arab with the exquisite performances of the belly dance and tanura dance artists.

The morning Safari:

If you are lacking time in Abu Dhabi and can’t go on a desert safari in eve then you should try Abu Dhabi Morning Safari. In the morning safari time you get to enjoy 45 minutes for dune bashing and then you have the sand boarding and camel ride. Once all are done the cars will drop you back at city hotel.

Conclusion: A visit to Abu Dhabi remains incomplete if you don’t try out Arab’s best adrenaline rush – the desert safari. Visit the deserts and enjoy the dunes with exclusive 4X4 drive, sand boarding and end with the cultural performances.