4 Things That Will Make You Pack Your Bags and Visit the Philippines

Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands in Southeast Asia and it is best known for its numerous crystal clear beaches and a lot of beautiful scenery. It is a blooming industry in the country since millions of tourists spend their vacations there. Just last January to June 2018 it had 3.7 million foreign tourists according to the Philippine’s Department of Tourism.

So what can this country offer? Why are people all across the globe visit this country? Let’s find out below!

  • Filipino people are very hospitable!

The Filipino people are very known for being very accommodating especially to their bisitas (visitors). They are also always big smiles and another thing is that almost everyone can speak English! So it’s not difficult to communicate with everyone. Imagine getting lost in a country and having no one to understand you? In the Philippines that’s not a problem.

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  • The old churches and old Spanish-inspired houses

This country was once colonized by the Spaniards so it’s very common to see Spanish-styled houses and churches. Some of these house’s restoration are also funded by the government and in some areas, you cannot build any house or commercial space which is not Old Spanish-inspired. For example is Calle Crisologo in Vigan City! This is a popular street wherein all the buildings are in that theme. Taking photos is a must!

Another are the old churches! This country has lots of old churches some more than centuries old! One popular choice for tourists is the Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte which was completed in 1710. Did you think that church is really old? Well, one of the oldest ones in the country is the San Agustin Church inside the historic walled city, Intramuros which was built in 1571

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  • Beaches are well-accessible

Having 7,107 islands, beaches are very popular in the country! And take note that there are a lot of types of beaches here. Name it, we have it! White sand, black sand, and even pink sand! Yes, pink! One of the pink beaches include the Pink beach of Sila Island. Why is it pink? It is caused by broken pink corals and shells! Its white sand beaches are also breathtaking. Ever heard of Boracay and Palawan? These are just two of the top tourist destinations in the country!

  • Cheap cost of living

It is very costly to travel nowadays in this economy but that is not much of a problem if you travel to this country! Here, you can have a decent meal in a restaurant for 3 USD and if you’re on a tighter budget, there are also cheaper options where you can buy meals for 1-2 USD! And that’s for a meal, a snack may have you spending less! If you like to go out, a bottle of beer normally costs a dollar and a cheap bottle of brandy can cost 3 USD!

Are you ready to pack your bags and visit this wonderful country? Because that’s only 4 of the things I really like about this country, I haven’t told you about it’s breathtaking mountaintop views and its delicious delicacies yet. Not only that, this country also has crystal clear rivers, wonderful waterfalls and perfect cone volcanoes! Now what are you waiting for?