5 activities to do in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos are no less than a land of wonder. There are silky white sands and impressive resorts, whales in the deep waters and stunning underwater reefs where you can go scuba diving. You’ll also find superb colonial harbors and cannons that speak of a historical past. These places rarely disappoint and there is a little something for everyone here. Here are 5 interesting activities to do in the Turks and Caicos:

  1. Humpback Whale Monument

If you are visiting these places between January and April during the high-season months and the weather is very pleasant, make it a point to head for the island of Salt Cay. Visitors have the option to stand on slat-sprayed rugged cliffs or charter whale spotting boats. You will be able to take in the stunning sight of the magnificent humpback whales as they swim southward warm waters of Silver Banks, where they give birth.

  1. Kiteboarding

Just opposite Grace Bay at the southern areas of Providenciales Island, the waves off Long Bay Beach offer kiteboarding or kitesurfing activities. Offering crystal-clear, warm waters, this bay provides the perfect conditions for a first-time rider. You can rent the equipment you need from local providers and will also find well-trained, experienced professional instructors who can give you lessons too. If you are an experienced kiteboarder, there are a number of tailored adventure packages such as sailing out to secluded cays and deserted sea lagoons where you can challenge stronger swells.

  1. Snorkel along Bright Reef

On Grace Bay in the Providenciales, take the footpath along the Coral Gardens resort and head for the Bight Reef snorkel. You can snorkel out towards the buoys that have been placed along the outer edges as these spots seem to attract a variety of fish. Regardless of the crevices and mini caves that you explore, you will find hoards of colorful fish of different species swimming around comfortably in the warm waters. Sometimes, you may also end up spotting a sea turtle, if you’re lucky.

  1. Hone your swing at the Provo Golf Club

This is one of the top 18-hole championship courses in the whole Caribbean. It has chalk-white bunkers and emerald green fairways. The swaying fronds of the coconut palms and other palm trees, as well as pine blooms, provide a perfect backdrop. You will notice many flamingoes and white herons around and water bodies shimmering in the tropical sun. You can sample some local fish platters at the Fairways Bar and Grill and if you fancy a round of tennis there are tennis courts on site as well. This gives you an array of activities to indulge in while you are at the club.

  1. Diving

Diving companies conduct snorkeling excursions off the Pillory Beach just off Grand Turk’s northwest coast. The swimming and diving conditions are excellent here and you will spot eagle ray fish, spotted drums and stingrays hardly 300-400 yards from the shore.  So don your flippers and get out into the azure waters of the Caribbean. This beach has powdery sand and smaller waves making it perfect for beachgoers seeking some relaxation and quiet. The Bohio Dive Resort in the vicinity can help you organize the trip and provide you with all the necessary diving gear

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