5 Ultimate Travel destinations for alcohol connoisseurs

The Internet is full of articles about the popular vacation destinations and tourist-friendly lands. The best places to go, hidden gems, top ten sites, undiscovered cities and the list goes on. But, when it comes to exploring the world of alcohol, the connoisseurs are going to be disappointed. There is a lot of information about which wine or gin is exceptional or what to eat with which cocktail.

However, very few people are talking about the best booze cities around the world. So, here’s a quick guide to help you plan your trip. Read on, alcohol connoisseurs; because we understand that not every vacation is about visiting museums or climbing mountains.

1. Wine – Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is the city in France which is informally known as the wine capital of the world. This city has a history of wine-making dating back to the first century. It has vineyards spread across thousands of hectares. Rich soil and extraordinary weather are the main contributors for the produce. Any wine, red or white, made here is known as Bordeaux wine around the world. There are more than ten-thousand wines from Bordeaux. And that number is the reason why wine tasting tours around this city are fun and exciting. Do not forget to try Château Leoville Poyferre and Chateau Giscours.

2. Beer – Munich, Germany

You must have already heard about the Oktoberfest in Munich. You were living under the rock, if you haven’t. Millions of people and beer-lovers around the world visit this festival annually. This beer festival was started in the early-eighteenth century. More than seven-hundred litres of beer is consumed during the festival. Visit this world’s biggest sixteen-day long fest which is more than just drinking beer. It is a perfect combination of music, dance and beer. Use tool like TripHobo to plan as it is hard to find accommodation here around the Oktoberfest.

3. Tequila – Mexico

This alcoholic drink is relatively modern as it was first made in the sixteenth century. It was created near the town named Tequila from blue agave. Today, this is the National Beverage of Mexico. The process of making this drink is very long and hard. It takes around ten years for agave plants to mature and be ready to be distilled. Keep in mind that it served neat in Mexico whereas it is usually served with lemon and salt around the world. Head to Mexico and treat yourself to the best tequila shots!

4. Sake – Japan

There are many people out there who do not know what Sake is. It is a traditional Japanese drink made from the fermented rice. This drink is so ancient that nobody knows when it was first made. Sake can be served chilled or heated depending on your choice. Originally, it was the winter-drink which has now become a year-round beverage. Many people call it a Japanese wine. But, a true connoisseur can recognize the distinct taste and aromas. Visiting Japan to taste authentic sake should be on your list.

5. Rum – Barbados

This complicated and notorious drink was first made in Barbados around the sixteenth century. Today, the world recognizes Barbados today for its finest rum. It has become an integral part of the culture of this place. There are a couple of distilleries dating back to the seventeenth century. Visit this Caribbean country and follow the trail of Rum. Try to take the guided tour as it will give you a better chance to explore well-known distilleries.

Raise your glasses, folks! Because now you know where to go for your next trip.