All is well at Alappuzah!

We all dream of the perfect romantic gateway for our Honeymoons. After the hectic and crowded marriage ceremonies binding two souls with the golden threads of love and shower of blessings and good wishes, every couple needs a little time to themselves. A little window of time between the exchanging of vows and going back to our everyday lives, slightly changed, now as two instead of one. These moments are essential to know each other or rediscover each other as a couple and to create memories which will last us through life. Even people who do not necessarily dream of a big fat Indian wedding, do harbor a fascination for a serene, romance filled, honeymoon where you watch your relationship blossom every day, anew.

Except for two loving hearts wishing to do right by each other, the most essential ingredient of a romantic honeymoon is the ideal honeymoon destination. This differs from couple to couple. Some wish to embark on new adventures filled with adrenaline rush while others prefer a quite spot where the days the laid back and the unusual waits to be discovered behind the humdrum of daily life. If you have secretly cherished the fantasy of letting your heart blossom while lying in a gondola, and exploring the intriguing backwaters of the lovely city of Venice, we have the perfect destination for you.

Alppuzah or Alleppey is known as the Venice of the East. The backwaters of God’s own country, Kerala are popular for their vibrancy and the magic they are known to weave. Alppuzah or Aleppey is a city in Kerala, situated at a location which is perfect for explore the meandering backwaters, lovely beaches and lagoons and the delightful small canals. Recently been declared one of the cleanest cities in the country, it is just beginning to become popular as one of the loveliest romantic spots of India and is definitely to be considered if you are looking at Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. It is popular but not so popular that you will find the place overflowing with tourists at every nook and cranny. Playing music at high decibels and disturbing the peace that you have come so far to find. Another thing about Alppuzah is that it fills your heart without draining your pocket. If you are looking at cheap Honeymoon and Romantic Packages in India then open your heart to the charm of the lovely town of Alppuzah.

This city earned its interesting and fitting title “Venice of the East” from none other than Lord Curzon himself. Here the boat races are as famous as the backwater holidays and if you are visiting there in August, schedule your trip around the time of the famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race which takes place in the second Saturday of each month on Lake Punnamada. The star attraction of this race is the gigantic 130 ft long snake boat that takes about a hundred people to row. Thousands of people from around the world come here to watch this spectacle on water. The race has actually become so popular that now it also takes place during the tourist season as well, on popular demand!

Even if you will rather skip the excitement of the boat race and focus on your racing heart instead, consider the romantic refuge of a houseboat. The boats with thatched roofs were once used to carry crop and spices have now been revamped to include modern amenities and facilities and are perfect to laze away in, watching the scenic beauty unfolding around you and feeling your heart unfolding in each other’s presence. They include beautifully furnished bedrooms, living quarters, a balcony where you can sample the pleasures of angling with your partner and a small kitchen and toilet. How much more romantic can you get? There are also many good hotels and resorts but we strongly recommend a serene stay at a houseboat for newlyweds. The best times to visit would be from March to September however if rain is romance to you, please visit during the Monsoons and watch the heavy rains creating a magical curtain around you and filling your heart with its pitter patter. Alppuzah is easy to reach by train. Come, explore how beautiful romance can be.