Gifts Every Traveller Will Like

If you have travelled a lot already, you may have a clear idea about which items you must carry and which you can clearly do without. Along the way you will have realised which things are absolutely essential and you may go back to fetch them, even after you have locked the door behind you.

You will also have learnt which things were probably useless when you pulled them out of the bag to make space for something important. Each time you do your packing, the list becomes crystal clear in your mind.

Following are some things that you can gift a traveller which are most likely to be on that list:

Travel Insurance

In the excitement that you experience right before a trip, things like insuring your trip is something that may not even cross your mind. But simply because we choose not to think about it doesn’t mean that we should not have it.

During any trip there are so many things that can take place and having a travel insurance at least makes one aspect easier of dealing with the financial ramifications.

What is covered by the insurance largely depends on the type of policy that you have taken out. But it can compensate you for financial losses in any possible situation from flight delays to evacuations due to emergency. If you have travelled extensively it is possible that you may find traveller insurance on your credit card.


Gone are the days when headlamps were exclusively used by miners, they are the latest must-have accessory for travel enthusiasts. If it is a hiking or trekking expedition you shouldn’t even go ahead without one.

You can even make use of a phone app or flashlight but the problem with using them is that your hands will be occupied which can be dangerous. Keeping our hands free is crucial so that we can balance our bodies and hold onto things for support when we lose control.

Wool Socks

Have you ever experienced the sensation of walking around with wet socks on your feet? To say that the sensation is annoying would be an understatement. While you cannot control your surroundings the only precaution you can take is to carry multiple pairs so that if one gets wet you can make use of another.

A better alternative to cotton socks are woolen socks. Wool can keep your feet dry as it absorbs moisture better than cotton does. It can also prevent your feet from stinking which can be a boon for others.

E-Book Reader

For those who have a habit of reading regularly, an e-book reader is a more feasible option than carrying a book around. Books occupy more space and are heavier than e-book readers. You won’t have to worry about which books you should carry as you can download e-books even while you are on the go. Phone apps can be useful too but you should remember that they can cause your phone battery to drain faster.

Medicines and a First Aid Kit

It is one thing to be optimistic but another to be careless. Not carrying medicines and            a first aid kit with you belongs to the latter category. You can never predict what happens on a trip and having these things helps you prepare for the worst.

Solar Charger

For those who are adventurous enough to travel to remote locations, a solar charger can be the only link between them and the world. These locations may or may not have electricity and not carrying a charger means you can only use your phone for a day or two.

Neck Pillow

If you have to undertake a train, bus or flight journey carrying a neck pillow can prove to be really useful. If you’re worried about the pillow taking up a lot of space you can purchase an inflatable neck pillow which you can easily slip into your bag and deflate after use.

Resealable Zipper Bags

You may not always get the opportunity to do your own laundry. It is possible that a shampoo bottle may begin to leak inside the bag. The best thing to do in such times is to separate them from the things that you wish to keep clean. The most effective way of making that happen is to carry resealable zipper bags.

The things that you carry also depends on what type of trip you are about to take. If you are leaving home for a stag-do or a corporate day out event, you will certainly carry more than the bare essentials. We all know how wild stags can be and the ridiculous props that are taken on stag do’s provide a laugh for everyone involved – aside from the groom himself, perhaps…