how to get around Florence with ease

Florence is a beautiful city, a place whose name gives the idea of an open-air museum, which was the cradle of the Renaissance, the cultural movement that spread throughout Europe in the 14th century.

But how to get around Florence? Our advice is basically on foot, because it is a pleasure to stroll along the historic streets admiring how much beauty exists in a single city. However, florence’s public transport is quite efficient, despite it does not arrive properly in the center.

Florence is served by a – quite small, actually – international airport, and a high-speed rail service, so it’s well connected to both national and European cities. Visitors can easily take a bus or a tram, but walking is perhaps the fastest option, especially in the old town where a Florence tour can be a great choice in order to get the most of the town in a single day.

Tickets, cards and where to buy them

Tickets can be purchased at authorized stores or at th vending machines. The “Firenzecard” can be also purchased online, it’s is valid for 72 hours, and gives you free access to major museums, as well as free use of local trams and buses.

The card is perfectly suitable for tourists, and includes unlimited travel on all means of transport for three days.

The Tuscan capital has its own buses, better get used to them because taxis are expensive; there are a couple of train stations and three tram lines, one of which is ready and two under construction.

Public transport in Florence is widely used. Urban buses (they are orange, but the latest models are purple and white or blue) are run by two companies called ATAF and LI-NEA. Ordinary tickets (single use of 90 minutes) or multiple rides tickets (four rides of 90 minutes with a one-way ticket) can be purchased from authorized stands, as bars, coffee shops, tobacconists, newsstands, and anyone with “ATAF” stickers shown, as well as from the ATAF cabin inside the Santa Maria Novella railway station.

There are also some lines which connect Florence with the surrounding areas.

Tram lines of Florence

Since 2010, Florence has its first tram line, called T1, which runs from Scandicci to Santa Maria Novella railway station. Bus tickets also are valid on the tram.

The city will have two additional lines, one going from downtown to the airport and another from the city’s main hospital, Careggi, to the center.