Italy vs Portugal – Which European country should be your next destination?

Europe is the dream destination of every traveller. The countries of this huge continent are bejewelled with some of the most culturally enriching and naturally picturesque destinations in the whole world. Starting from some of the most amazing beaches to cities full of lively people, from ancient historic sites to the countryside which is calm and soothing, from rich culture to beautiful cuisine, you can be sure to experience all of these when you head out for a trip to Europe.

The United Kingdom and France have to be the most popular destinations in Europe. Most of the people think about visiting one of these two places when it comes to visiting Europe for the first time. However, after covering these destinations, many travellers have a tough time to decide which country to visit next, Italy or Portugal. Both of these two countries pack a ton of historic places, beautiful coastal towns and gorgeous vistas. And if you are torn between whether Portugal or Italy should be your next European vacay destination, here are what you can expect when you visit these countries.

A Vacation in Portugal:

Located on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, Portugal is a country full of beautiful coastlines, colourful cities and superb weather. This dynamic country packs a ton of beautiful destinations and wonderful activities for you to enjoy. If you go for one of the all-inclusive private tours to Portugal, you can be sure to have one of the most relaxing and fun vacation experiences you have ever had.

When to visit:

One of the best things about Portugal is, the country experiences truly incredible weather throughout the year. That is why you can visit the country almost any time of the year. There’s plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Especially the summer months continuing from June to September enjoy really pleasant weather conditions when the temperature hovers around 30-degree centigrade. November to March are the winter months and most of the rainfall happens during this period. However, there will still be plenty of sunshine in these months as well. Especially in the south, on the coastal region, you can experience mild weather throughout the year.


Portugal is full of some of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Europe. Starting from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is a beautiful coastal, hilly city. This city is a must-visit for every traveller visiting the country. You can learn a lot about Portuguese history and lifestyle while you are here. Porto, the second largest city in Portugal has to be your next destination. The old, colourful buildings that line the hilly streets of the city are one of the major characteristics of Porto. Famous for its wine, it is a great place to earn all about Portuguese culture. Take a trip to the nearby Douro Valley to see the famous vineyards of Porto. Ericeira, a small fishing village must be in the travel-plans of every adventure lovers to enjoy surfing at its best.

A vacation in Italy

Italy, the beautiful European country is characterized by its great food, gorgeous countryside and insanely beautiful food. And who can forget about the art? Considered the birthplace of Renaissance, Italy is glistening with iconic pieces of art, historic monuments and jaw-dropping architecture. All-inclusive private tours to Italy are full of history, culture, artworks, islands, activities, everything!

When to visit

Unlike Portugal, Italy is not at its best all year round. Italy sees its maximum share of footfall during the months of late-May to July and during the Christmas time. However, the prices of accommodation, food and various activities are at their highest during this period. So if you are someone who wants to have the best time and experiences possible, you may want to visit this beautiful country during the months of spring and fall. The months of April to early-May and mid-September to October are considered the shoulder season, and this is the best time to explore Italy with all of its beauty, but with much less crowd. July and August comprise the low season, but you can only visit Northern Italy. Visiting the islands in southern Italy is not recommended during this period as it is really hot and humid.


Italy is home to some of the most enticing cities in Europe which you can visit in your life. The country is home to some of the most iconic sites which are famous in the whole world. Starting from the historic sites in Rome like Colosseum, Pantheon and many more to the romantic city of Venice and its canal systems, from the museums of Florence to the iconic Tower of Pisa, the country is simply full of beautiful history and attractions. Visit Sicily for a wonderful island experience or travel to Cinque Terre for a quiet and cosy seaside vacation away from the crowd.

Our Verdic:

Although both of these countries are beautiful and travel-worthy, if we are truly objective, then Italy should be the winner among these two countries. The country offers a lot of iconic places to experience which are on the bucket list of every traveller. However, if you are travelling in the months of July and August, then you should plan a vacation to Portugal and plan your trip to Italy later. You can be sure to have as wonderful a vacation as you otherwise would have.