Places To Add To Your Bucket List

India is a very beautiful country. Just like the Indian food, it is a mixture of numerous flavours, with a great and unique taste, Indian tourism is also unique and beautiful. But, there are few best places in India which are a must visit. They are Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kashmir, Kerala, and Shimla. Every place has its own unique beauty. But, to enjoy any place, you must always know exactly what to do in that place.

Planning a trip to Mumbai? Things to know

First and foremost requirement of your journey is the right flight. Say you are traveling from Ahmadabad to Mumbai, you should do a lot of research on Ahmedabad to Mumbai flights. Research on the internet, on the different fare rates provided by different flights. When you search online, search for discounts and offers. Also, read the reviews given by other customers about the Ahmedabad to Mumbai flights.

Visit all the places that Mumbai is famous for. Never miss the beach and the Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. Try all the famous food that Mumbai is famous for. Don’t forget to try the famous vada pao. Here are the other places you must visit on a trip to Mumbai.

Gateway of India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway Kehri Caves

Essel World

Nehru Science Centre Hotel Taj

Use local public transport for traveling as public transport is less expensive in Mumbai and the same time you will get the feel of Mumbai.

The checklist that would help you


A well-planned trip is always successful. Plan everything in advance. So in case you traveling to Mumbai from Ahmedabad, then plan right from Ahmadabad to Mumbai flights to everything that is included in the journey to home. Make notes of all the activities you would want to do there.


Just like planning, organizing everything according to the plan is very important. Suppose, you are going with a huge group of friends, it is very important that you all meet up at a common place to ensure that all have come. One person can keep a head count, and other people can take care of the distribution of tickets.

Be adventurous

Go out of your shell of comfort. Explore new things. Try everything new like food, clothing or any challenging ride. Money spent on trips is mostly what we save for years together to have a perfect trip. So don’t let it go in vain. Make the best use of it.

Make memories

Make everlasting memories with your family and friends because such trips come once in a blue moon. So do not let a bit of it go waste. Capture those moments in an album to cherish it forever. Live each and every moment to the fullest.

Play a lot of games

If you are going for a trip with a bunch of friends, nothing can substitute the fun in playing games together. It will serve as a great memory to be cherished for a lifetime. These games will also help us to know each other better. We might even end up finding friends on a trip.

Stay updated

Always stay updated with what is happening on the internet. Websites provide you great discounts on flight tickets and hotel deals. So stay updated with everything. Allow the websites to send you alerts on hotels and flights.

Less luggage, more comfort

To have a great trip, try to carry minimum luggage because luggage becomes a hassle even in flights. Less you carry the better you enjoy your trip. So try carrying less baggage.

Now that you know the secret of having a perfect vacation, go ahead and book your tickets. Make more memories.