Preparing Your Phone for International Trips

So how do you prepare your phone for an international trip and why would you want to do that? Well, the world runs on connectivity nowadays and being able to access internet and information in a place unfamiliar to you just makes sense. That’s why many travelers choose to unlock their Apple or Android devices. Doing so will allow them to use local data packages, etc. that will allow them use their phone to their fullest potential even when they’re abroad. Wouldn’t you want your vacation or business trip to be really convenient for you? If so, then read on for more tips on how to prepare your phone for an international trip.

Understand the Cost of Roaming

Using roaming is the most hassle-free way to use your phone on an international trip… at least for the trip itself. While you can enjoy using your device as you would in your home country, the cost of this can be very high. This is often the cause of what is known as “bill shock”. This is when you get your phone bill for the month and you’re shocked to find that the bill is much higher than you expected it to be. Usually this happens because of ignorance; when a traveler doesn’t know the cost of using the cellular data of his local network in a foreign country. So if you want to go for this option, then it’s best to do it just for a short trip or only to use the phone in emergency situations.

Unlock Your Phone and Buy a Local Sim

If you don’t want to have to experience bill shock, but you need your phone, then what you can do instead is to use a local SIM from the country you will be visiting. This is especially useful when countries have networks that offer packages for their prepaid SIMs. For 10-20 dollars, you can have a big or even unlimited amount of data, calls, and texts over a set period of time. This will allow you to use your phone just like you would at home.

However, you must make sure that your Android or Apple device is unlocked. If it isn’t, then it will not be able to use local SIMs. But when a phone is either unlocked or not registered on a network, then you can simply purchase a SIM once you get to your destination and stick it in your phone.

Rent a Phone or Use Another

When neither of the two tips are options for you, then you must simply use another phone that is not locked to a network. Maybe you have a spare phone at home that still works well. This would be a useful device for you to use while you’re on your trip because it can accept locals SIMs.

An alternative would be either to rent a phone in the country you’re visiting or book a hotel that loans smartphones. In both options, these will either be unlocked or locked to a local network. Either way, you will have access to the local connections, which will allow you to use local services at affordable prices.

Key Takeaway

Basically, if you want to use a convenient phone while on an international trip, then it must be unlocked; whether or not it’s your primary one. If not, then you will have a hard time looking for public Wi-Fi for the sake of communicating and getting information. That’s something time consuming, which could potentially ruin your plans for the day. So, unless you’re okay with paying a lot for roaming charges, you need to get your hands on an unlocked phone.