The Natural wonder which is the Cayman Islands


Snuggled amidst the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean are three stunning islands that belong to the British Overseas Territory and is collectively called as the Cayman Islands. The largest island known as the Grand Cayman boasts of five-star amenities and Grand Cayman inclusive resorts signifying development and luxury. The second island known as Cayman Brac is blessed with a unique and magnificent terrain that draws numerous tourists yearly. The smallest called Little Cayman is about 10 square miles yet never to be discounted in terms of natural wonders. Together, these islands are bestowed with sun-kissed beaches and waters swarming with kaleidoscopic fishes making tourism its major economic ploy.


Despite being blessed with a significant luxury in this side of the Caribbean, all beaches in the Cayman Islands remain to be free for all to enjoy. Probably the most popular is the Seven Mile Beach, aptly named so because of the long stretch of sandy expanse littered with Cayman Island hotels, where people enjoy water sports, dine and even dance the night away. For an alone time or for picnics with families and friends, the Heritage Beach off East End Public dock offers serenity under the shades of the cabanas far from the hustle and bustle of the big town. Kaibo Beach offers hammocks, huts and shades where children and adult can frolic out of or under the sun. The Cayman Islands is a spectacular tropical paradise full of interesting sites and fun in the sun so you must visit and book a flight deal to Cayman Islands as soon as you can.


Things to Do


A bit pricey yet worth every cent is the chance to take a helicopter ride touring the whole territory of the Cayman Islands where seas and mountains meet in a grand majestic natural architecture. For the restless feet, a walk up the trail of Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden is a spectacle of unique, colourful and engaging flora and fauna. The Cayman Towers offers a 360 view of the night made especially more breathtaking at night. A visit to the Pedro St. James Castle is a trip down medieval memory lane amidst the imposing Cayman Island hotels. Of course, topping the list of must do’s is a trip to Sting Ray City for a swim with the dolphins, stingrays and other marine wildlife.


The local Duty-Free is home to some of the finest and quality finds that may come off up to 30% less expensive compared to other branches. Found in Grand Cayman, it is easily accessible by land and may even be just a few steps away from where you are staying. However, if its local items you are searching, the Cayman Craft Market off the dock in Georgetown is home to the exquisite items made of wood, thatch, leather and shell. For those seeking fresh produce, the Market at the Grounds is where the freshest catch of fish and seafood as well as Cayman-made products of preserves, jams and hot sauces can be found. All these are just a few strides away from Cayman Island hotels where you stay.

Eating and Drinking

The Cayman weather sets the perfect ambience for dining and drinking. Sun-drenched during the day and cooled by the breeze at night, tourists and locals alike find a gastronomic haven in these islands. Tim-Buc-Tuu Diner in West Bay is home to the most authentic Cayman dishes making it a runaway winner for places to dine. Sunshine Grill in Seven Mile beach is never to be disregarded as it is popular with families and children. Blue by Eric Ripert in the Ritz-Carlton is an unforgettable and exquisite dining experience. However, for partying the night away with drinks at hand, the Seven Mile Beach is littered with numerous choices including Coconut Joe’s, Bar Jack, and Legendz.

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