Top Tourist Attractions In Rome

Travelling throughout the world, one place that comes to almost every person’s mind is Rome. Being the capital of Italy, Rome is a very important city and harbours a number of tourist attractions that are visited by a number of tourists every year. Some of the major tourist places in Rome are mentioned in the blog.

  • The colosseum and the arch of constantine

The colosseum had to be at the top of our list as it is the one thing that makes Rome as significant as it is today. Colosseum is the Eiffel tower to the Rome and therefore, it is the most visited place in the entire Rome. It is an amphitheatre and the largest known architectural remain from the romans.

  • The pantheon

This monument is known for its perseverance as no other roman monument is preserved over the years in such a way that it has been. A major attraction of this place is the archeological remains that hang without any visible support. The place is visited by a number of tourists every day for different reasons.

  • Roman Forum

This ancient monument of Rome was built around two millenia back in time and is ever so alluring even today. Although, a majority of the monument has been destroyed over the years but what remains today is evident of what it would have been years ago. Some of the major highlights of the Roman Forum is curia, temple of vesta, arch of titus and various other things.

  • Santa Maria Maggiore

This one is one of those churches of the romans which is known for its majesty and novelty. Santa Maria Maggiore has been entact in the same position since the fourth century and ever since then it is visited by a number of individuals.

  • Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a baroque square and it can visited very easily from the rome airport through the help of rome airport transfers. This place still harbours its outline which was built by a famous roman emperor Domitian.

  • Baths of caracalla

As the name suggests it was designed and completed by Caracalla in 216. Back in those times, these were much more than just an ordinary baths, they were a complete set of sports complex harbouring gyms, swimming pools, saunas, libraries and a lot more.

  • Vatican City

The vatican city is a well known city as it is the smallest independent state in the entire world. You can reach the vatican city, without much hassle by booking airport transfers that will transfer you to from the airport to the destination. The city is less than half kilometre and is enclosed by long walls. The walls generally enclose the vatican palaces and the gardens that tend to draw a large number of tourists every year.

Rome indeed, is a beautiful city harbouring innumerable picturesque sights worth drooling over. Some of the major attractions of Rome are mentioned in the above section of the blog and you can reach all these places using the rome airport transfers. Therefore, in order to ensure that you reach the places safely ensure that you pre book your airport transfer.