Travels Across the World, from Japan to Canada

To many American tourists, Japan seems like a far off and impossible destination, but a flexible, affordable tour of Japan is achievable. You can experience the best of Japan, both the incredible modern inventions and conveniences and the priceless historical treasures.

Choose a guide that will allow you to tailor your trip with your choice of hotels, so that you can customize your style and budget. Japan has an incredible range of hotels to offer, and your home away from home is important for your experience.

Make sure the tour company you choose will allow you to spend more or less time in the towns you want to focus on, since some towns will excite you more than others.

The high speed train is an incredible thrill that can’t be missed as you explore Japan. Stepping off of the high speed train and approaching centuries-old temples provides an extraordinary contrast that will make you contemplate past and present.

Tokyo offers extraordinary views and skylines. Climb Tokyo Tower to see the sweeping views of the city, which will astound you with its size. Catch a glimpse of the Royal Family at the Imperial Palace, or take a drive through the intriguing Akihabara Electric Town. Play some games at the Nakamise Arcade, or contemplate the majesty of the Asakusa Kannon Temple, which is the oldest temple in the city.

Stroll through the lovely Nikko National Park and be charmed by the enchanting beauty of this natural mountainous region, as well as the stunning Toshugu Shrine.

If you are more interested in a foreign land close to home, consider three great ways to see Canada.

British Columbia offers a majestic temperate rainforest to explore, and whale watching expeditions to go on. Traveling on the water offers views of migrating Humpback whales, as well as gorgeous views of the shoreline.

Traveling through Canada by rail gives you a great opportunity to see the incredible sweeping mountains. You also are likely to see wildlife enjoying the sunny spaces near the rails. You could see dear, elk, foxes, or a wide range of other wildlife and birds.

Maligne Lake offers majestic views as you cross it to go to Spirit Island, and the Icefields Parkway is an incredible natural treasure for you to enjoy. You can float down the gentle Bow River, enjoying views of the Three Sisters Mountains.

Jasper Park Lodge is surrounded by 700 acres of natural wonder and incredible wildlife. Spend your nights in comfort with the opportunity to catch glimpses of wildlife at any second.

The Rocky Mountains offer mountain climbing and hiking of various difficulties, so you can challenge yourself to the terrain of your choosing while enjoying the natural beauty of endless mountain forest.