What Every Beach-Loving Girl Should Have

When we think of beachwear, we often associate clothes that show some skin to get a dose of that Vitamin Sea. It seems like everyone loves sun-kissed skin which makes bikinis the go-to summer wear when out in the sun. However, times have definitely changed. Rash Guards are now a favourite, especially the women.

There are many reasons why rash guards or “rashies” as everyone calls them, should be must-have for every women’s closet. The following ideas are more than enough to get yourself a durable womens rashies Australia, especially if you love to be in the sunshine and on the beach.

Rash and Irritation

One of the main reasons why rashies or rash guards are called like so is because they help prevent outbreaks. We usually wear these under wetsuits which can be a bit irritating to the skin. These are also protection against irritation that can occur due to the rapid impact of waves on your skin.


There are times when you get cuts and abrasions caused by sand, rocks and other items found on the beach. Enthusiastic and energetic children can get hurt while out playing. Surfers, on the other hand, can accidentally slide off their surfboards causing wounds. A rash can reduce the possibility of acquiring major injuries which makes it a must-have not only for women.

Sun Protection

It is no secret that the sun has harmful UV rays that can cause severe skin damage. As our body’s biggest organ, it is prone to such damage. Sunburn is the most common type that many of us already experienced. Not only is it painful, but is also, unfortunately, an eyesore.

Rashies offer excellent sun protection. Years of UV rays exposure can take a toll on our skin. The accumulated damage can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, sunburns and other skin conditions. The worst cases can even lead to cancer. Studies show that UV radiation causes 90% of skin cancer. Sunglasses, sunscreens and hats are not enough, especially when staying out in the sun for long periods of time. Add UPF50+ rashies for maximum protection.


A rash guard can help keep you warm. As a golden rule, the thicker the rashies is, the better warmth it can give to you. This is especially important if you’re one who has a cold intolerance or one who easily gets cold.

When out swimming or surfing, one can quickly feel cold and chilly. A sudden splash of cold water or the cool breeze hitting your warm skin can cause you to feel cold and clammy. Rashies can make you feel less chilly, and lets you enjoy your activities for a longer amount of time.

Stingers Protection

There are bodies of water in Australia that are home to dangerous stingers. When out surfing, swimming or scuba diving, you wouldn’t want to come across such species. They may look soft and jiggly, but these can cause red marks, numbness, tingling and pain. Even a dead one can cause damage, so it’s better safe than sorry.

Now, you know all the wonderful benefits that rash guards can give. You have lots of options, designs and sellers to choose from, and you’re sure to find a women’s rashies Australia that can satisfy your needs and fit your lifestyle.