Police Batons Vs. Automatic Batons: What’s the Difference

Batons are non-lethal weapons that are excellent for self-defense. In life, you may inevitably encounter danger and it is automatic to want to protect yourself from harm’s way. With the right weapons, such as batons, you will be able to keep yourself safe and secure. Batons have long been associated with the police and security personnel. The best expandable baton self-defense weapon is the automatic expandable baton.

Do not become vulnerable to danger. Take charge of your own security. Batons are powerful self-defense tools. They are as popular as they are non-lethal and give you some distance allowing you to hit hard and effectively stopping your attacker.

A police baton is basically a non-lethal stick made of metal, wood or plastic. It is mainly used by law enforcement officers, security personnel, and correctional personnel for combat situations or self-defense. It is an impact tool used to block strike and jab. Batons are useful in breaking fire extinguisher safety glasses. The most common police batons are side-handle, telescopic and expandable batons.

The automatic baton can be able to stretch instantly with just a press of a button. Its closed length is about 8 inches while its extended length is 21 inches. The longer automatic baton is preferred by law enforcement officials and security guards worldwide. At home, you can use a small automatic expandable baton. It will give you peace of mind knowing you have something to defend yourself with in case of an attack. Automatic batons offer remarkable force when striking an adversary or a dangerous animal such as a dog making them ideal for home defense weapons.

Without adequate security in your home, it might prove difficult to spot intruders. The element of surprise is important in tackling any threat you are faced with. With the help of a spy camera for home, you will be able to see any lurking danger and use your baton in self-defense.