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This Outdoor and Adventure Travel Guide which will help you plan a perfect outdoor. If adventure is your thing, you have come to the right place to start planning your trip. Explore the different places of diverse beauty, explore fantastic outdoor experiences that you can take, as well as helpful information to help you plan a perfect adventure!

Top Things to Do

There are lots of things to do! The top adventures of the year include gorilla trekking in the misty mountains of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Volcanoes National Park, Go mountain biking, take an African safari and drive off the beaten track, enter the dark and fascinating world of caves, head for the water for a great kayaking or rafting adventure.

Travel Advice

Find advice on planning hiking tours, multisport vacations, camping trips, adventure cruises, river rafting trips, gorillas safaris and wildlife safaris, as well as guidelines to choosing your outdoor gear.

Featured Out Doors

There are lots of tours offered by various tour operators and travel agencies all over the world. Featured here are some of the best tours that our experts have chosen to be among the best outdoors from all over the world. Surprisingly, there are lots of experiences that you never know that they indeed exist in the world.

Top Destinations to Visit

There are lots of best locations for outdoors all over on the planet! It is therefore not easy for an outdoors enthusiast to choose a particular destination that will quench your travel lust!

Adventure Activities

Looking for active holidays to enjoy? There are lots of adventures that await you – wilderness hiking, whitewater rafting, horse riding, sea kayaking, canoe trips, photography, mountain biking, swamp tours and so much more…

When it comes to Uganda holiday safaris, holidaymakers choose between self-drive in Uganda and guided safaris. A self-drive by itself entirely involves visitors driving his or herself with no driver guide to explore and experience distinct tourist destinations Uganda boasts of as one of the Africa’s leading destinations. However, what is interesting about the 2 is that, each of them...
Kilimanjaro Mountain Trek
Climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro is the most thrilling experience any active traveler seeks from Africa. Travelers are keen in search for unusual hiking experiences should consider a must-do while on safari in Tanzania. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is of no doubt Africa’s highest mountain and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. Boasting of its everlasting snow-cap, this magical mountain straddles in the...
Gorilla Tracking in Africa
There are a multitude of questions that need to be thoroughly stripped bare as far as gorilla trekking is concerned. Under normal circumstances, gorilla trekking go on differing from country to country and experience differs as well. Some of the rampant questions under the spot light here include; which is the best place to do a gorilla trek Uganda...
How to Plan Great Outdoors
Most people find that camping can be one of the most enjoyable trips they ever take. You can ensure you and your family have a wonderful time on your next trip by applying what you learn from this article. Take a look at the following tips and prepare for the journey of a lifetime. While you may count on Mother...
Are you looking for the perfect destination to go with your family on the next vacation? Then I can suggest you visit Malaysia. It is among one of the top awaited places that call for adventure. No matter what is your age, you will definitely love to visit with you family and friends. Whether you are a food lover,...
White Water Rafting in Uganda
Adrenaline junkies and nature lovers are always looking out for the top amazing places to go white water rafting. If you are looking for these places, strap on your life vests and helmets and get prepared to paddle and bounce your way over turbulent rapids within these amazing locations. Whitewater rafting is dramatically increasing in popularity today and many...
Hiking in Uganda
Planning a road trip to Uganda? There are a number of car rental Uganda companies who are willing to serve/meet all your self-drive needs in the country. Uganda is a tourist destination in East Africa whose diverse landscapes is made up of mountains, and the great Lake Victoria (Africa’s largest lake). It has abundant wildlife like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees...
Tour Du Mont Blanc
The National Geographic Channel has released the 20 most beautiful hikes that travelers would dream about. Here are the 20 best picks; Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and Switzerland Sierra High Route, California Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass, Iceland Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail, South Sudan to Uganda Franconia Ridge Loop/Traverse, New...

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