Cape Town Outdoors

Travel Deals: Escape to the Great Outdoors

Some deals are made to remember through out our lives; especially the travel deals which take you for great outdoors out there. Finding big deals on some adventures can be hard, but if you...
Mountain Gorilla

Meet Face to Face with Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to track mountain gorillas? Few wildlife-spotting experiences are comparable to tracking mountain gorillas. With movement, behavior and physical characteristics that at times seem unbelievably close to our...
Whale Watching in Madagascar

7 Best Adventure Day Trips

So you want to have an adventurous day trip to get your adrenaline pumping! There are certainly day trips out there that involve adventure - maybe "extreme day trips" would be a good name...
Gorilla in Bwindi

Great Apes Watching: Gorillas in Our Midst

No one could tell Nikos what to expect on his snaking gorilla trek through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. But his expedition into the double-crossing Ugandan thicket is all worth it when he meets the...
Hiking in Uganda

Road Tripping Uganda – Best Places To Go Hiking In Uganda

Planning a road trip to Uganda? There are a number of car rental Uganda companies who are willing to serve/meet all your self-drive needs in the country. Uganda is a tourist destination in East...
White Water Rafting in Uganda

White Water Rafting: Top 6 Locations to Raft

Adrenaline junkies and nature lovers are always looking out for the top amazing places to go white water rafting. If you are looking for these places, strap on your life vests and helmets and...
Mgahinga Gorilla

Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is that one most dramatic primate adventures and undoubtedly a unique wildlife experience in Uganda. Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offers visitors on African safari...

Tour the Holy Land With Your Children

Many Americans are growing up without a belief in God. According to Pew Research, 4% of adults in the United States say they are atheists while 5% call themselves agnostics. Religion is still pretty central...
Tree Climbing Lions of Uganda

Meet the Tree Climbing Lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Planning to travel to Uganda and you are wildlife enthusiast include game drive for sightings of the big cats as one of the most anticipated take away. However, the increasing population densities and lifestyles...

Rare North Korean Pro-Wrestling Event Open to Tourists

Japanese politician and pro-wrestler Kanji “Antonio” Inoki’s Pyongyang wrestling event is open to tourists who wish to travel to the isolated country to watch a once in-a-life-time martial arts and wrestling extravaganza. A limited number...

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