Cayman Island

An Adventure Lover’s Guide to the Cayman Islands

Adventures are what make our life special. Without adventures the life in monotonous and boring. There are several adventures you can take wherever you stay. But there are certain others which require you to...
Colosseum Rome

Traveling to Italy: The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for your Trip

In most parts of the world, tourists and other immigrants are treated differently than locals. And if you want to have an exciting experience during your trip or vacation in Italy, you must prepare...

Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is among the three countries in the world that host the rare mountain gorillas. Thi tiny country located in Central Africa hosts a third of the total population of the mountain gorillas in...
Terraced Hills of RWanda

Experience Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa. Though most travel guides put it in Central Africa, Rwanda belongs to the East African community. It is located a few miles south away from the...
Nepal Trekking

How to Trek the Everest Base Camp Successfully

The ultimate guide with all the information regarding trekking to the world’s highest peak Introduction The Everest Base Camp Trek is a trekking journey that takes you traveling on trials in the Khumbu region of Nepal....
Virunga National Park of Congo

Visiting Virunga National Park in Congo

Straddling the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC, the Virunga are not mountain range as such, but a chain of isolated freestanding volcanic cones strung along a fault line associated with the same...

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