Best 5 Luxury Mid-Size Car Rentals For Family


Looking for the best luxury mid-size car rentals for your family travel in Nigeria? Find the best luxury car rental suitable for all family travel needs with Car rental Nigeria your trusted car hire experts. Our fleet of luxury mid-size car rentals for family tours are all comfortable, spacious to accommodate your luggage and allow you to stretch your legs while on a long or short family trip in Nigeria.

Below are some of the best 5 luxury mid-size car rentals for family tours in Nigeria

BMW 5 series 2019

Rent BMW 5 series 2019 and all your family travel needs in Nigeria will definitely be sorted. Our BMW car rentals feature luxurious cabin, built with distinct and highly quality materials. They have 2 rows of very comfortable seats offering total comfort to you while on your family trip. This category of BMW 5 series is made with up-to-date standard features that guarantees comfort, freedom and safety to you and the rest of family members while on a road trip since they are built with an active protection system.

The active protection system built in our BMW 5 series is capable of sensing any impending collision and the automatic braking system slows the vehicle to some extent where need be which makes it special. When you look at even the seats, both adults and children are all catered for thus ensuring safety on the road. Enjoy your family tour in Nigeria in BMW 5 series and you won’t be left in regrets.

Toyota Camry 2019

For a test of time, Toyota brands have stood as the best and considerably, the most ideal family friendly car rental option when it comes to space and economy. Unlike other brands, many of the Toyota brands are very economical when it comes to maintenance and they save you a lot on fuel costs. With this, the Toyota Camry is of no secrete one of the best brands worth hitting the road with a family. The interior has adequate room to accommodate your family comfortably and for you to pack most of your luggage. If you want to save much on fuel then this is the best choice of car rentals in Nigeria.

Genesis G80 2019

This is one of the best luxury mid-size sedan car rentals ideal for family travel. It comes with a unique design, luxurious interior and built with advanced technologies which assures you of your safety on family trip in Nigeria. When it comes to safety, the speed and systems information are well displayed on the windshield directly in front of the driver and it is the work of the driver to concentrate. The seats on the other hand are made with nappa leather to ensure everyone sits comfortably.

Honda Accord 2019

Our Honda Accord features as one of the top best luxury mid-size car rentals suitable for families. It is uniquely designed with spacious interior for both you and your luggage. It is fitted with a standard driver drowsiness monitor that helps sense when the driver can become tired and immediately raises an alarm thus reducing any chance of road accidents.

Mazda 6 2018

Hire Mazda 6 model for your family travel in Nigeria and be guaranteed of a smooth road trip. This category is credited for its awesome performance and great features which you won’t find with most cars. It is built with blind spot monitors which allows the driver detect other cars by the side because it gives warnings visually or audio. With Mazda 6 series, head and leg room are all assured thus guaranteeing you total comfort on a long family tour in Nigeria.

Other luxury rental cars in Nigeria include Toyota Prado Jeep, Range Rover SUVs, Toyota Sedans, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and many others.

Why use luxury car rental in Nigeria?

There are many reasons why visitors prefer using luxury rental car in Nigeria, firstly, what comes to minds of many is safety, flexibility, comfort and convenience.


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