Uganda Online Car Rental Tips and Guides


Planning a road trip in the pearl of Africa? Drive Uganda? Hiring a rental car in Uganda is an ideal way of traveling in the country.

Whether you are going for a short self-drive wildlife safari in Uganda or a longer Ugandan vacation, we make it easy for you to hire any type of vehicle to take you around.

Uganda’s online car rental option is the order of the day for visitors and Travellers in Uganda.

The increase in business travel and the need for short-term transportation for family trips has made the use of the Internet for booking car rentals an important aspect of travel planning.

Companies like Omega Car rental Uganda have extensive car rental booking sections on their web sites, allowing consumers to book most types of cars for a relatively low price up to a day in advance.

However, there are a few important tips for those who are new to booking car rentals on line to remember before diving in.

An important point is regarding the rental cost of the car, which is usually different from just the cost of driving the car.

Please endeavor to check/inspect the car at the start of your rental period so as no to fall a victim to pay for damages that were not caused by you. Always make sure that you have a spare tire and tools such as jack and wheel spanner, reflector triangle, hoes, sped, and a spare jerrican of fuel, all for an emergency.

The company has to provide you will at least two{2} 24/7 emergency phone numbers to call in case of anything you did want to know or help that its why you have to rent from a local car hire company.

The final price will always include everything from the fuel costs to insurance monies for does who are willing to be guided and for those on self-drive, the price will only include fuel and insurance of the car.

Please note most car rental companies in Uganda do not provide insurance to clients all they do is to insure the car so you are advised to get your self travel insurance from your home country.

Availing temporary auto insurance is a wise thing to do in case you do not have any other general car/personal insurance.

This can be done during the course of the booking. There are additional charges that include local and federal taxes, in accordance with the state you are in.

Usually, the price that is advertised is not actually what you end up paying… There are additional charges and fees that creep up. For those who want to get the best price on car rental, please always book early like 4 months to your travel dates. This will even give you time to shop around for the best offers and prices from different car rental companies.

Another important consideration in booking car rental online is what type of vehicle is best suited for the purpose of the consumer. Ranging from economy to passenger vans, car rental web sites offer a wide range of options. Please for those who are willing to visit the remote areas of the country, it is of advisory to use a 4×4 car because of the poor and slippery roads.

Remember to take account of the number of passengers, cargo and other factors, because it’s best to reserve a car with the next highest capacity.

So, if you have four passengers and three large pieces of large luggage to take along, you should opt for a five-seater for example hire a 4×4 land cruiser with the capacity for four large luggage pieces.


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