Uganda Self Drive Safari: Why Book Your Car Early?


Are you interested in self drive safari in Uganda? Self dive trips are by far the most sought after experience by travelers. Booking for a car of your choice is the most important thing that any traveler must do if you are to get the perfect safari experiences in Uganda. We appreciate the availability of internet, booking flights or contacting a tour company is no longer a debatable issue, it only takes you less time to reach to us for any help related to car hire/rental and self drive safaris in Uganda. Why is it important for you to book for your car in advance in Uganda?

Below are reasons;

You will have adequate time to plan for the journey

Booking a tour in advance offers traveler a lot of time to finish all their planning process. Adequate planning of your safari is very vital. It gives tourists ample time to do their shopping for clothes and travel accessories that may be of value for the safari. Make sure that you have your checklist by your side so that you do not leave out anything valuable. You can as well visit in any of Uganda’s local library or book store and spend some money in guidebooks. You can sit down with your family members and start selecting the activities that can excite you while in a safari in Uganda. Booking a car in advance also offers travelers adequate time to organize essentials like getting passports renewed and other vital vaccinations for the safari.

Wide range of choice

There are very many car rental companies in Uganda and by booking for your car in advance the best way for you to weigh different offers from various companies so that you up with the best choice. Equally, the perfect low budget lodges in Uganda usually get booked up during the peak season. Booking in advance means visitors have a lot of time to choose best pocket friendly safari accommodation to spend a night. The most magnificent places in Uganda include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. These destinations are highly booked during the peak season. You can book for your safari holiday in advance at least few months before traveling.

There are various drivers who are ready at the airport to offer you transport services but the unfortunate bit of it is that, the prices are just crazy with other hidden and inflated costs on your safari for instance parking fees, over time among others. These additional costs in most cases are not too much but will make you inconvenienced and definitely sad especially when your safari becomes expensive more than what you expected. You can only run away from this kind scenarios by simply booking a self drive car in advance or even book it with one driver and have the most fascinating travel experience with us.

It also breaks the assumption that drivers usually have that when you get out of the airport the next thing is to connect to the major city immediately. Since there is no public transport in the airport, at the same time you don’t have any one whom you are waiting for with car, the only alternative is for you to book for your self drive car in advance and it will right there as soon as you step at the airport.

In case you are planning to travel to Uganda it is advisable that you book your car at least 6 months in advance such that when you arrive at the airport, you are in position to find a driver waiting for you. Booking a car rental in Uganda is simpler now with online services and once you arrive at the airport, you get someone holding a paper with your name highlighted, after you will be taken where your booked car is to sign the agreement and you will set off with your car. By so doing you would have saved both money and time.

In conclusion we encourage you to book for your car in advance so that we confirm your booking before you arrive to Entebbe International Airport. This will also assist you on how you can connect from the airport to Kampala and other destinations that might be of interest to you.


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